How To unlock Sony Xperia/Ericsson before and after receiving Unlock Code.


What to check before Applying Unlock code for sony xperia/ericsson???

Please put any non accpeted sim card and restart the phone.If Empty box appears asking for a code,it means your phone is locked. Or you can buy Sony Imei check report forchecking  status of the phone.

Important! Before you apply  Unlock code for sony make sure you Sony phone is not HARD Locked,if you phone is hard locked then it cant be unlocked with a code

What is HARD LOCKED and How to check Hard Locked phone??

 Check this Example...... [x] Network 0 or 255 Unlimited= HARD LOCKED

For checking Hard Locked phone:

  1. Switch on your phone without any SIM inserted and dial *#*#7378423#*#*
  2. Select Service Info > SIM Lock.
  3. Look for [x].
  4. If [x] is beside Network and it is not 0,then you can unlock it using unlock code.i.e....[x] Network 10    (7,6,5,4,3) etc
  5. If [x] is beside Network and it is 0, then it means that your phone is HARD locked and if this is case THEN PLEASE DO NOT BUY because code will not work .                                                                                                                  For example..   i.e...[x] Network 0  or  255 Unlimited =  HARD LOCKED


What to do or Unlocking procedure after receiving Unlock code from us??

-Turn off your phone
-Insert a Non-Accepted sim card. 
-Turn on the phone. 
-An empty box will appear and it will ask for the unlock code

-Enter the unlock code
-Your phone is now fully unlocked!

Please make sure you enter correct code and dont try too many times.