Delivery Time: 7-15 working days

Price: £ 21.99


IPhone O2 Ireland Unlock Service

Model Supported

IPhone 4/4s 5

Only CLEAN & IN USE IMEI Supported


Time Frame

7-15 Working Days(DELAY in rare cases)

*********The processing time is a guideline only; there can be Delay Rare occasion If Vodafone ireland Server is under maintenance**********

What You Need to Provide

 IPhone IMEI Number                (You can obtain IMEI by dialing  *#06# from your device)  should be 15 no for imei

Need Attention ...

(1) - If you submit a “Blacklisted”/reported device info = the unlocking will fail and return fail result = No refund!

(2) - If you submit a non O2 iphone ireland network or incorrect IMEI = the unlocking will fail and return fail result = No refund!

(3)- Once the order has been processes  and code submitted into server, then there is no cancellation allowed and No Refund

(4)- Server can reject any imei so you ll get full refund 


Your Unlocking order will take 7-15 working Days to complete,

If the information you provide is accurate and satisfies the unlocking rules above then by the latest which could be upto 10 working day time is up to activate the Unlocking all you will need to do is insert an non O2 SIM in your device, connect to WiFi or PC iTunes with internet connection!

All order results come from Vodafone - the results are 100% accurate!