Delivery Time: 1-5 WORKING DAYS

Price: £ 2.5



NO HARD LOCKED PHONE..       what is Hard lock??      For example.....[x] Network 0    OR   Network 0    = HARD LOCKED
Once we Provide you Unlock code and You say , Code not work etc. and If you are unable or unwilling to provide video footage we kindly
request that you do not purchase this service as we will not able to give you refund without video
********Dont buy this service phone asks for PUK Code,please buy our other service***********


MODEL SUPPORTED      Samsung,Sony Xperia,Nokia Lumia,HTCH, Blackberry(no iphone)      NO BLOCK IMEI

Network Supported                 Vodafone UK 

Time Frame                              1-5 Working Days(8 working days in rare cases)

*********The processing time is a guideline only; there can be Delay Rare occasion If Voadone UK Server is under maintenance**********

Before you order please check below:


  1. You must check that your Phone counter is not 0 
  2. Switch on your phone without any SIM inserted and dial *#*#7378423#*#*
  3. Select Service Info > SIM Lock.
  4. Look for [x].
  5. If [x] is beside Network and it is not 0,then you can unlock it using unlock code.i.e....[x] Network 10    (7,6,5,4,3) etc
  6. If [x] is beside Network and it is 0, then it means that your phone is HARD locked and if this is case THEN PLEASE DO NOT BUY because code will not work and                                                        NO REFUND.i.e...[x] Network 0=HARD LOCKED


Please make sure that [x] is at least 4 before you purchase the service.

What You Need to provide us

  1.  IPhone IMEI Number       To receive imei No DIAL *#06# on your phone
  2.  Model NO of the phone
 *** Never take imei no from the box

Imporatnat! ...

(1) - If you submit a “Blacklisted”/reported device info = the unlocking will fail and return fail result = No refund!

(2) - If you submit a non  Vodafone locked sim or incorrect IMEI = the unlocking will fail and return fail result = No refund!

(3)- Hard locked phone=No Refund

(4)- if code does not work please do not try more time, Just make one clear Video with Imei number, counter Block, Code enter and Send us,


    (5)- We do not accept any responsibility for any phone that has been rooted, modified or tampered with (including accessing system menus using codes found on the internet).

     (6) - If Imei Rejected as Not found, we will do Full refund. If your phone Block and you not get signal after unlock code that’s not our fault and no refund.

     (7)-   Once the order has been submitted, the service cannot be cancelled or amended in any circumstances. By clicking Buy it Now button you agree to our terms & conditions.


Your Unlocking order will take 2-10 working Days to complete,


    YOU will Receive Network Code (NCK) Code from us.

 -Turn off your phone
-Insert a non-Accepted sim card. 
-Turn on the phone. 
-An empty box will appear and it will ask for the unlock code

-Enter the unlock code(NCK):i.e 73953815
-Your phone is now fully unlocked!

***Please make sure you enter correct code and dont try too many times.